About Flutterbugs

First Steps

You will want a starter kit, and a free Redelivery Gadget

When you open your starter kit, you will have two starter seedpods and a tasty turnip.

The first thing you might notice is there are no males and females - flutterbugs are androgynous. Each can fulfil both roles, although two are still required to reproduce.

Rez your seedpods, then click them once to intialize them, then click again to birth. Once birthed they will be frozen, and their home position will be set to where they are at the moment of birth. You can move them and reset their home position from their menu, you can adjust their range, and once you are happy with that, you can unfreeze them.

Once unfrozen, their wings will start to flap and they will move around (occasionally chattering if you enabled sound).

Your flutterbugs will breed if they are frozen, so if you are concerned about simulator performance you can leave them frozen, however frozen flutterbugs will not make sound or find interesting things for toolbox points.

Flutterbugs do need to eat, they like tasty turnips, so make sure you rez your turnip near them. Turnips will feed one flutterbug for 2 weeks, so it will feed both your flutterbugs for 1 week.

More tasty turnips can be bought from Xundra's Stuff or you could purchase a farm and grow your own tasty turnips from seeds.

Interesting Things

Flutterbugs whilst scrounging about their area, may occasionally find an interesting thing. If they do and you are online, they will instant message you about it. You can find it, click it and you will be rewarded toolbox points.

If you are offline, they wont message you, to avoid spamming your inbound message queue, but the interesting thing will still be there to collect.

Interesting things disappear if not clicked after a couple of hours.

For Science?!

In addition to searching for interesting things for toolbox points, you can also send your flutterbugs to the great beyond, for science! Such a worthy sacrifice will reward you with 10 toolbox points.

Redelivery and Updating

The redelivery gadget is used to redeliver your flutterbugs in the event they become broken. The should not under normal circumstance become broken, but incase they do, they can be redelivered. They can also be redelivered in case of a needed upgrade.

Updating a flutterbug is easy, you just need an updated redelivery gadget, then click each of your flutterbugs and chose "redeliver" from the menu. Once they've vanished, click the redelivery gadget and choose "Get All", and all the flutterbugs will return at random spots around the redelivery gadget.

Redelivered flutterbugs maintain their home position, range etc, however they return frozen with sounds off. So you will need to renable those things if you want them.